Cornerstone Martial Arts and Fitness

Karate. Fitness. Self Defense.


Kids/ Begginer Karate

Ages 5+ , T/ TH 6:30-7:15

Our kids class is designed to introduce the basic techniques of traditional okinawan karate.  In our class we heavily emphisize developing physical fitness as well as good character in a fun and supportive environment. We also encourage families to train together, so we have a lot of parents train in the class with the kids!

Color Belt Class 

T/TH 6:30-7:15 and 7:15-8:15

This class is for the more intermediate student. This class emphizes advanced karate techniques such as kumite, bunki and sparring. We also practice advanced self defence and basic grappling. 

Advanced Adult Class

Thursday 7:15-8:15

This class is for the advanced martial arts student or adults with previous martial arts experience

Ultimate Fitness

16+ Private Lessons

The Ultimate Fitness class is designed to achieve maximum results in a short workout time. This extremely effective training method combines calisthenics, plyometrics, and circuits using a variety of equipment. Each class is different and is catered to individual levels so you whether you are in great shape or this is your first step to a healthier lifestyle, this class is for you ! We will come to you!


" I think Karate is great. One thing I like about karate is the games like capture the flag, balance games, and slap games. Another thing I like about karate is the new moves I learn like flyng sidekicks, Kata's, jumping front snap kick and blocks. I also like the contests like the jump rope contest, high jump contest, and the far jump contest. Last I like karate because it teaches people self- defense. I really like earning new stripes and I hope I continue learning."

                        Ayo, age 11

" I love going to karate because it builds character and helps me get fit. I also like it because its a place to make friends and I can help others. I like doing katas, kicks and punches. Our sensei is really nice and encouraging and she helps us with everything. I love karate and you should try it!!"

                   Audrey Mosher, age 12


" I love Karate, first I love karate because you can make friends. I also love games like balancing. I love learning new punches, kicks,and stances. Sensei Erika makes classes fun too."

                          Dayo, age 7