Cornerstone Martial Arts and Fitness

Karate. Fitness. Self Defense.

Q. Where do I get the uniform?

 A. We don’t require you buy a Gi ( karate uniform) from anywhere in particular, only that it is completely white, double front ( not connected on the top) with no patches. CMA has a wholesale account with, so you can also order a uniform directly through us. 

Q. Are the uniforms required? 
A. Yes. Durning the summer months a CMA T-shirt can be worn instead of the gi tops, to order one visit

Q. How many times a week can I come?
A.All classes are optional, none are required. Some people come 1 X per week, some might come to 5+. It all depends on what works best for your family.

Q. My son/ daughter has a friend interested in karate, can he come with us ? 
A. Yes!! ABSOLUTLY! Just let me know what day you are bringing in your child’s friend, and if they sign up, you receive a 50% discount off of one months karate tuition.

Q. How do I stay informed about upcoming events, or cancellations?
  1. Plug in! We announce everything on FACEBOOK

On our website we also send out text alerts.

For inclement weather, we follow PG county schools on inclement weather cancelations. We do not do make-up days.

Q.I see on the schedule there are “CMA days and Trinity days” what does that mean?

We have a sister school, Trinity Martial Arts located in Lanham, MD. ALL students are welcome to take unlimited classes at both schools.  Take advantage!

Q.What style of Karate do we practice? 
We practice traditional Okinawan karate, and our school is part of the Shidokan organization. For a detailed history visit our parent website

Basic Rules and Regulations

-Take off Jewelry ( so it doesn’t rip, choke etc. for safety)

-Class Starts promptly at  5:30, any late students have a push-up penalty for tardiness. Also, if you have any questions for me, I am available between 5:15-5:30 to answer any and all questions, you can also email me at [email protected] or call 410-562-1431. Thanks! 

-Saturdays are upstairs in the Multi Purpose room at Cornerstone. There is Karate the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. 

-We don’t wash our belts! It’s a sign of respect for the hard sweat, blood and tears you put into your training. Historically there were no color belts, just white belts that trained and trained and eventually their belt turned black from training.

-We bow in and out of the dojo as a sign of respect for our learning space. 

-We never use karate outside of the dojo unless it is being used for self-defense!!

-Have your child drink water before class, we do a lot of exercise!

Those are just the very basic rules, there are many more, and some of them can be found on our parent website under Dojo etiquette. Thank you and Welcome to CMA!!!